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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Upon the trail of Serbian vampires

and Serbian sliwowitz brandy

 luka vampir m

Beograd – Divčibare – Valjevo – Beograd

Next departure - To be announced

1 day / no overnight / by bus

Departure from Belgrad, from the Lasta bus station. at 08:30

Travel to Divčibare, to visit a breathtaking viewpoint, from which you can, on a clear sunny day see even mount Durmitor in Montenegro and Tornik mountaintop of Zlatibor. Optionally, a tasting of delicious and refreshing raspberry shake.

Divičibare’s favorable influence on personal health was noticed, among the first, by knez (prince) Miloš, while coming here regarding the matters of feeding his vast cattle herds. After 1822., when he first came here, he repeated the visit countless times, coming summer after summer to enjoy and rest in the lung clearing air. Divčibare gradually developed into a tourist-mountain resort, due to its closeness to Belgrade, Valjevo, Šabac, Čačak and other cities. It is around 1000 meters above sea level, rich with water, forest and grass, and with many paths adapted to casual hiking.

Continuing to Valjevo and visiting the “vampire watermill” – Did you know that the word “vampire” is Serbian in origin? We’ll show you the history of the myth in the watermill in which the world’s first vampire quenched his thirst for blood!!! 

We’ll visit a monument to Milovan Glišić, a Serbian writer, who wrote the tale “After 90 years” (“Posle 90 godina”), bringing fame to mythical Sava Savanović. Hear how the world’s first vampire was born. Guess where? In Serbia! And that is not a legend. In fact, there are official documents of the Habsburg army medical staff regarding the “vampire craze” in Serbia, and you will be able to read it firsthand!

A stroll along Gradac river, which is one of the most beautiful picnic areas in Serbia will certainly sharpen your senses.

Tasting of traditional Serbian sliwowitz brandy in Jefimija restaurant on the picturesque promenade of Valjevo. Sliwowitz (Šljivovica) is a Serbian national drink, made from plum by original recipe. Over 3000 acres of plums are planted only in the wider region of Valjevo. We’ll see cauldrons in which rakia is made and here how the process of its creating works.

A walk through Tešnjar- Tešnjar is an old bazaar street, formed back in the days of Ottoman rule, along the right bank of Kolubara river. While waking the Tešnjar, and passing by the old oriental looking buildings, you can still feel the spirit of an eastern marketplace, and go shopping into one of the old crafts shops: waxmakers, potters, weavers, cauldron-makers….

A visit to slightly creepy exhibition of Valjevo city museum – in the cellars of Muselim’s (Ottoman town governor) house you can see chained Serbian leaders, thrown into dungeons in the eve of “Beheading of knights” in 1804.

Free time to rest or have an optional lunch.

Return to Belgrade. Arrival in the evening hours.

The price is 990,00 RSD /~9 EUR (with discount voucher at discount web sites)

The price without discount is 1.800,00 RSD / ~15 EUR


The package price includes:

  • modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning
  • guide services in every bus
  • Costs of organizing the travel

The package price does not include:

  • Lunch in Jefimija restaurant – 650 RSD*
  • Sliwowitz brandy tasting or a drink in Jefimija restaurant – 200 RSD *
  • Lunch and tasting as a package – 800 RSD
  • Tickets to Valjevo city museum – 190 RSD
  • Individual tourist expenses

This program was made on the basis of 65 passengers who pay the full price. The organizer reserves the right to, in case of insufficient number of passenger, cancel the trip or adjust the prices.

General terms and conditions of travel, as declared by Republic of Serbia, apply to this program - Boreas travel, Belgrade, the license of the Ministry of Tourism OTP 16/2016