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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Stanišići entho village and Dvorovi spa



Beograd – Bijeljina – Stanišići – Dvorovi – Beograd

Next Departure - To be announced

1 day / no overnight / by bus

Departure early in the morning from Belgrade (group gathering at Lasta bus station).

Bus ride towards Sremska Rača border crossing and entry into - Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

A visit of Bjeljina city and a tour of its center. Free time for a walk or coffee. From there, departure to “Five lakes” suburb, where we will visit grandiose Saint Parascheva (Sv. Petka) monastery. Its unusual feature is having two churches under one roof! It is decorated with five gilded domes, giving a ”Russian”-style look.

Continuing to Stanišići ethno village. It was founded in 2003., thanks to inspiration of one Boris Stanišić. He travelled for several years through Serbian villages in central Bosnia, in search of old houses and items that will preserve at least a picture of how people in previous centuries lived. That’s how an authentic mountain village came to life, in the middle of Semberia flatlands (northeaster B&H) .

There are two distinct areas in the village. One, made from wood, depicts everyday life. It consists of wooden houses (cottages) with inventory and house items from the same era. The houses are connected with stone paved paths, with two lakes in the middle. The other area is spiritual in character, represented by medieval architecture and built in stone.

Free time for individual activities.

Passanger who do not wish to visit Dvorovi Spa can remain in Stanišići or Bijeljina longer.

Departure toward Dvorovi spa. Optional lunch at spa restaurant and a visit to outdoor pools, two of which are partially filled with thermo mineral water. Dvorovi spa was built after thermo mineral water was discovered while searching for oil in Semberija in 1957. Tests showed that water has oligomineral properties, and that on the surface it reaches temperature of 75°C. Dvorovi spa has a sports-recreational centre with 5 outdoor pools and 6000 visitor capacity, various sport courts and catering facilities.

Departure towards Belgrade and arrival around 22 h.

The price is 990 RSD / ~9 EUR (with a voucher from discount websites)

The price without voucher is 2000 RSD / ~16 EUR


The package price includes:

  • modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning
  • guide services in every bus
  • Costs of organizing the travel

The package price does not include:

  • Lunch in Dvorovi spa – prices depend on the menu that day (around 7 to 9 EUR)
  • Tickets to Dvorovi spa pool complex – 350 RSD / ~3 EUR
  • Individual tourist expenses


This program was made on the basis of 65 passengers who pay the full price. The organizer reserves the right to, in case of insufficient number of passenger, cancel the trip or adjust the prices.

General terms and conditions of travel, as declared by Republic of Serbia, apply to this program - Felix travel, Belgrade, the license of the Ministry of Tourism OTP 85/2013