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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Resavska cave and Veliki buk waterfall

with a visit to Manasija monastery


Beograd – Despotovac – Resavska pećina – Strmosten – Beograd

Next Departure - To be announced

1 day / no overnight / by bus

Program of the trip:

Departure early in the morning from parking across OTC Novi Beograd (Buvljak/Flea market). Bus ride on the highway to Despotovac town.

A visit to Miniature models park , with the exhibition consisting of medieval Serbian monasteries scaled 1:17 in the likeness of full size objects. The modes are perfect copies of Serbian sacral architecture.

A visit to Manasija monastery - Manasija (or Resava) monastery is one of the most important monuments to medieval Serbian culture and the most significant construction built in the manner of so called “Morava architecture school”. It was built by despot Stefan Lazarević (also known as Stefan the Tall), whose remains, as believed by experts, are buried in the southern part of the church, beneath a marble slab. The construction of the monastery began in 1407 and was finished by 1418. It quickly became the cultural center of the Serbian Despotate. Its scriptorium (called “The school of Resava”) supplied the whole state with books and translations, and continued to work even under Ottoman occupation, deep into late 16th century.

Resavska cave: It is one of the oldest explored caves in Serbia. Its age is estimated to be 80 million years, while the oldest cave decorations are around 45 million years old. The temperature inside is constant, around 7°C, while the humidity varies between 80 and 100%. Cave walls are abundant with various types of decorations – halls, canals, galleries, pillars, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and waterfalls-turned-to-stone. Decorations start from the vey entrance, at 458 meters above sea level. Decorations are formed by dissolving of calcium-carbonate, and its color depends on the mineral that the water passes through. Red color is prevalent – it originates from oxidized iron. Among other colors, most common are white (from crystalline calcium) and yellow (from clay particles).

Veliki Buk waterfall- From Resava cave, there’s a 10-15 minute drive to Lisine. The waterfall is over 20 meters high and is considered to be among the highest in Serbia. It’s strongest in the spring, because it carries the most water in that period. It’s most refreshing during the summer heat and it is most beautiful in the autumn. It’s protected by law as a natural monument.

An optional lunch is organized in a cosy restaurant right next to the Veliki Buk waterfall. There as ancient water mill nearby, in which the visitors can by homemade corn flour.

Return to Beograd.

The price is 1.150,00 RSD /~10 EUR (with discount voucher at discount web sites)

The price without discount is 2.000,00 RSD / ~16 EUR


The package price includes:

  • modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning
  • guide services in every bus
  • Costs of organizing the travel

The package price does not include:

  • Lunch in Vodopad restaurant – 750 RSD
  • Tickets to Resavska cave – 300 RSD
  • Tickets to Miniature models park – 100 RSD
  • Individual tourist expenses

This program was made on the basis of 65 passengers who pay the full price. The organizer reserves the right to, in case of insufficient number of passenger, cancel the trip or adjust the prices.

General terms and conditions of travel, as declared by Republic of Serbia, apply to this program - Felix travel, Belgrade, the license of the Ministry of Tourism OTP 85/2013